• Menghan


  • Paige Sparks

    Paige Sparks

  • HeyDesigner


    Daily curated newsletter for product people, UXers, PMs and frontend developers at https://heydesigner.com

  • Sophie Chen

    Sophie Chen

    student @ penn

  • Mike Scarpiello

    Mike Scarpiello

    Interaction designer, writer, musician, poet, humorist, mountaineer, world traveler, bull runner, music junkie, craft beer enthusiast.

  • Manasa Jayasri

    Manasa Jayasri

    Caffeinated & Curious

  • Samiksha Mahure

    Samiksha Mahure

    Computer science student

  • Hannah Mussi

    Hannah Mussi

    UI Designer @ Yext. Aspiring artiste and devastatingly underprepared

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